2019 week 32

August 13, 2019

classicalIt has become a little habit of mine I noticed to write the blog text with sudden jumps in time. I like it and it poses really good questions about the concept of time. I like being non-linear but I guess I like everybody else is forced to live my life in a standard space-time continuum. You should not trust your memories. They adjust to your current state of mind. Memories are dynamic, the space-time continuum that renders them are not. There is an interesting conflict here.


composedAnyway, the heatwave continues. Some minor interruptions with thunder storms and rain. But nothing that tells that this is going to end soon. At home I have gotten used to work with the shutters down, despite that the strongest reason for renting the apartment in the first place was the view. Which in many aspects are unbeatable.

It is a strange feeling to go out for ice-cream in the evening and face the light. Otherwise I’m trying to stay inside. But when I go out I gaze at the light behind my sun glasses like Gollum when he left his cave.

Saturday night was time for a trip to Romai-Part. One thing you will notice with Budapest is that the Danube banks are not very accessible and there are no restaurants or cafes direct by the river (except a couple of boats). The banks are reserved for cars. Luckily there is Romai-Part which is a beach at the shores of the Danube and it’s close to the city center!

composer downloadIf you take the HEV from Batthyány tér and get off at Romai-Part you get there in about 20 minutes. Then start walking towards the Danube and you will reach it in 20 minutes. There is another way of getting there by bus (for the adventurous) which will spare you the 20-minute walk. Take the HEV, but get off at Szentlek ter. From there take bus 106 to Nánási út. From there is just a 5-minute walk! But as I told you, its for the adventurous! OR you can take the BKK Boat number 12 to Rómaifürdő. It takes about 90 minutes. Time well spent on a summer evening

deep sleep music

When you reach Romai-Part the first you will notice are the fragrance of summer. Grilled fish, langos, deep fried chicken, fresh french fries…..and the lovely bouquet of beer and wine…it’s like a Madelaine cake…and lots of people. Cyklists, dogs and their owners, families, couples, runners…lovely sounds mixing….

I prefer visit this place in late afternoon or early evening when everything comes alive. I take a walk and check out all the different foods and drinks. Visit my favourite büfé. The most famous is Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró. They play live music from time to time and otherwise they usually play soft jazzy stuff. Its well worth a visit to sit on the beach with a beer or drink in your hand. Just relaxing.

electronic music

I spent a lot time with LABS this week also. The LABS-roulette gave me the following combination:

  • Modular Pianos: Tape Wurli
  • Synth Pads: Pad #0003
  • Choir: Long
  • Frozen Strings: Harmonic cello
  • Electric Guitar: Peel Guitar Ensemble

Interesting and challenging. Just as the idea is with LABS-Roulette are meant to be. It became a slow, a little bit sad song that would work as an intro or outro.


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