2019 week 29

July 23, 2019

Returned after a few days in Austria. Very nice with fresh air, good food and pleasant people. I knew I was back in Hungary again at the petrol station just after the border. A quick look at the magazines offering summer reading about alcoholism and depression.

My work the coming days will be administration of 50 new pieces that I will publish the coming week. They are the fruit of my improved processes which I set in motion two months ago. My goal was 100 pieces but I had to put 50 of them in the Non-publishing folder because there was an apparent flaw in my thinking. That is corrected now and I hope that the improved process and the experience will let me increase the frequency without bringing exhaustion or create fatigue.

Hopefully there will be a good concert or two this weekend. Otherwise I plan to stay inside with the shutters down due to the heat, order my water from Tesco and keep myself occupied with work.

Contemplating if I should start a new Uncharted Atlas project. I have 7 so far. I am aiming for 10 in the first batch. I notice that I am more and more depending on instrumental samples. The last one, Southern Reretmun, contains horns, bass clarinet, cello and piano. Now I am thinking about to try and make an orchestral only landscape.

Field recordings? So far I’ve tried with my own and others. Mixed result. The ones I done myself with household appliances turned out to be very good. My field recordings of my random walks did not make it. They were and are interesting but too many volume peaks. And I loose the feeling of continuity and flow if I start to edit the recordings. Looking and searching at Freesound.org which is a treasure when it comes to audio recordings.

Also there is maybe a period of change. Just looked at the first version of MUSE. For instance it told me to do a M2M intervall starting in G major with G 9-5(13) in 4/4 and develop the harmonics with triads down-down-up using 9(13), dim, m7 add4, 11 and 69 chords. All preparations should be done at one of my favourite cafes. I even got a string voicing scheme in 5 parts. In my developed version of MUSE maybe it got a bit industrial.

Between waiting for the files to master I did a preparation with MUSE. I got the chords, direction and progression. This is what I have to mould. I never get stuck. I never put myself in a position where there is doubt what I should do next. I can concentrate fully on the creative part of making music landscapes.

orchestra musicFound a nice organ and choir concert at Szt. Mihály templom (Saint Michels Church) in the middle of BudaSzt. Mihály templom (Saint Michels Church) in the middle of Buda. The Blackfriars were here 1230 but the monastery were destroyed by the Mongolians 1240. It was rebuilt but destroyed again during the islamic Ottoman occupation of Hungary (1541-1699). The present church was built by the Dominicans starting 1700. The frescoes, paintings and the furniture were finished 1760. Mary Ward’s nuns are running a primary and secondary school open for all denominations in the precinct. During summer the church offers organ- and choir concerts twice a week.

ambient musicThe inside was renovated inside 1892 and 1964-68 when all the frescos were whitewashed. It has been under restoration since 1997 with a total outside renovation and an added clock tower.

The program last night was ”The Classical greatest hits” with 12 items on the menu. Performers were the very talented young organist András Gabor Virágh, the Etunam Chamber Choir, all under the competent leadership of conductor András Virágh (don’t know if it’s father and son or completely unrelated). All in all very hight class of the choir and conductors as is always the case here. From the program I can mention staple pieces like J.S Bach Toccata, Air and Fugue in D-minor, Mozart Lacrimosa and the finale of Händels Hallelujah. The first piece really got the concert of to a flying start with the majestic sound of the big organ. Built in 1801 and reconstructed 1893 by the famous and eminent Hungarian organ builders the Rieger company. The organ is of tracker type with two manuals and pedal board and one set of pneumatic presets.

ambient soundI would give an extra star to the organist for the performance of Mendelssohn Sonata in A Major I and a very fresh and delightful interpretation of J.S Bach Fugue in A-minor and the choir for G.F Händels Judas Maccabeus: See, the conquering hero comes. All in all a nice concert. I haven’t heard organ music for awhile.

Was a perfect to end the evening with a cheese platter and an aperol spritz!!!

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