May 30, 2016


Working under some new conditions. From today I’m laying on my sofa in the living room instead of on my bed. I needed a change. May looks good from a music perspective. I don’t have anything in particular planned and my mandatory meetings are just two this month. So basically I have three weeks of uninterrupted time. Waiting for a tender for the redecoration of my apartment which will come this week.

Changed a few things in my set up. Most notably I’ve changed the size of the live stream in Borderlands. The box now fits two grainclouds, one in the upper half and the other covers the lower part. I’ve also changed the grain spatialisation from keeping the mono/stereo samples to the setting where the grains alternate between left and right. That gives the Ghost Ensemble much more freedom if taken advantage of the proper way. Still have to do a lot of practising to understand how it works.

In Gestrument I’m now using the a prime number scale constructed in ScaleGen and prime based rhythm patterns on all channels. Still experimenting in getting it to sound like I want. I enabled channel one to create a second channel of pizzicato. It was set to flute and when it played by accident I decided to keep it. It sounds perfect and is gives the music a soft and mysterious touch.

Working with the transpose values in Gestrument. The scale and choice of transpose steps in or outside the chosen scale gives me further opportunities.



I think I’ve cracked it! This evening feeling quite cheerful I continued work with my old settings in Borderlands and a new one in Gestrument. The new one in Gestrument is based on my prime number scale with the roots set to F and A#. As I can control the tempo from Gestrument with the BPM and pulse density and in Borderlands with the duration in ms and the overlap in the graincloud, it’s just a matter of experimenting and and gaining experience in how to make them work together.

What I’ve added to the mix is the angle control in Gestrument. With that I can control the rhythm randomness, pitch fluctuation, pulse density and scale morphing with a second finger. And I added some new settings to the transpose settings.

All this combined led me to a new level of playing and accomplishment in what I want to achieve. As usual there are still things to try and work out. But there is a huge difference now in what l am able to do compared to when I started out just over a month ago. I have some buffer size issues with AUFX:Space. At least I think that’s the villain. Have to test more the coming days to figure that one out.



Several things on my mind. First of all I’m increasing my my visits to the gym to four times this week and then to five next week to push it for two months or so. I notice that I can concentrate better on the days I have been to the gym. Gives life a great rhythm.

So, attached you see the first try and basic idea of how to create a notation system for my music. It dawned it me that the music I’m doing on iOS is visual rather than written expressions confined in a system. So my proposal is a visual graphic system with written notes where it is necessary. For the attached picture I just took a screen shot and moved it to Keynote. And in Keynote added the arrow. I think this a much better point of origin than my earlier attempts. They were built in part on traditional way of music notation. That is not what this is about. Quite the opposite. Well, I’m going to work with it for a period of time and see where it lands.

I’m trying to do test recordings in AUM. And I’m trying my luck with AltiSpace instead of AUFX:Space. There seemed to occur periodical noise using AltiSpace. A low frequency adjustment that was very irritating. I tried the things I know to adjust, like the buffer settings. But to no avail. So far this problem hasn’t occurred using AltiSpace, an app by Igor Vasiliev.

I’m still trying to find the culprit to this noise. Both Borderlands and AUM are set to 1024. I have to keep trying and eliminate that noise. I must be absolutely sure that I’ve eliminated it before I can do any serious recordings. Don’t want it to appear five minutes into the first movement.

The posting I make aren’t always at the correct date. I tend to go over, revise my words and generally put more scrutiny into what I’m writing. That is as I can see it, a good sign of slowing down the pace. So often the posts are written over a couple of days and covers not just the publishing date. Just a heads up if there is any confusion.



I’ve found the culprit. It was Borderlands! It gave a low frequency buzz from time to time. Just as it was grasping for air. I can of course not use Borderlands as intended at the moment. I have to rethink my idea. Again. I’m loving the idea of using Alchemy, Virtual ANS and Gestrument. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I make music. I’ve been doing it on my iPhone from 2009 until 2 years ago. The pieces that I’m most pleased with I made on my iPhone. And what really mattered to me was the mobility of the iPhone. 

Then I got the iPad Air and now the iPad Pro. There are advantages with a bigger screen and more power. I’m not dependable on mobility of the iPhone these days and will not be that again. After my stroke I go to the gym and stay home most of the other time. And there is nothing to tell me that is going to be any different. So that makes my iPad Pro perfect. I had a large Survivor case but I have removed that now. Hoping Kopter, luck and insurance will keep me and the glass safe!

So what about my original idea of a string quartet? It turned out so promising with Borderlands. That love story is over and I’m thinking of using NanoStudio again with AUM and all the other bells and whistles that is available to me. In NanoStudio I have a perfect creative environment for the production and the mixing. And I think I’m more free in comparison with my original idea.

I have my scales. I have the freedom of doing whatever I want. But the basics are already in place, I can improvise a string quartet in Gestrument. That will form the basis of the piece. Separate shorter recordings that I import into NanoStudio with old style copy/paste. On top of that I can use Virtual ANS, Alchemy and the Eden synth in NanoStudio. The more I think about it the more attracted I get to the idea.

I’m very cautious these days of starting things that I haven’t thought through. I have a certain amount of energy that fluctuates day by day. Time is moving at a faster pace. I have to spend it well and save up energy for the rainy days that shows up at random intervals. Time spent in the gym is beneficial. It creates new energy and seems to make the tinnitus less aggressive. So I’m trying out things. Mostly listening to different ideas I have. I haven’t downloaded NanoStudio to the iPad Pro yet. Will do that tomorrow.



Some days are pay days. You’ve worked with something for quite awhile, but you don’t get anywhere. At least that’s how you feel. Everything is a dead end. You run into constant problems. All you do is repeat yourself. There is no real creativity.

And this is absolutely normal. You have to work for everything in life. You have to work hard and overcame hurdles, climb mountains, get lost at sea, fight your inner daemons that says you can’t do it. You’re just average. No one will ever care what you’re doing. No one will ever listen to your crap. Why would they?

Just be fine with your self doubt. Just be fine that you are average. That is the daily routine. But…at some point, if you work hard enough, if your commitment is without compromise, someone will listen. Someone will really care about what you’re doing. And encourage you to keep working. Even though most of us are just that, average.

As long as you try and work hard there will be maybe just one person in the whole world who cares about your music. Cherish that person. That person have the magic powers to change your life for good. As long as you work hard and don’t give in to the daemons.

I’ve had a really bumpy ride with my string quartet so far. And to summarise its all been a complete waste of time. I’ve gotten nowhere. I had to revise my initial idea a hundred times. I have made a thousand tries to try to understand how I have to go about to achieve what I want. And the daemons have constantly led me on the wrong path. I had a period of serious self doubt. I blamed technical circumstances. And, hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea to switch platforms? And, hey, what a great idea you had last week to get back to your roots?

Well my major breakthrough was a combination of old and new thinking. So when I decided to download NanoStudio again it was mainly due to previous workflow experiences. Chopped up pieces of music, field recordings and recorded live stuff from Eden in NanoStudio that I could switch around. So it suddenly hit me. 

Why don’t I record a loop in Gestrument of my string quartet and move it to Borderlands? I ditched the live stream and got rid of the audio problem. I can make the quartet sound beautiful with the grain clouds. And this way I can prepare different loops in Gestrument. Specialised loops for every section I’m building in NanoStudio.

I added FieldScaper and I’m doing experiments with the field recordings I did this winter on my forest walks. I want to expand my field recordings, but that is something for the future. I also brought VirtualANS into the mix. I know I want it there. But not in what capacity. I tried to use the pictures I took as you can import pictures and create music based on the photograph in Virtual ANS. I also tried some Eden sounds on this piece today. Awesome!

All done on my iPad Pro. Evolving and moving forward. Doing things my way on a rare day of self confidence. I try to enjoy it as much as I can.

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